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A recruiter company has a challenging job. They have to pick the best candidates from all candidates who send their application letters and CV. Indeed, you can’t only see it from their CVs. You also need to have skill and intuition. The list below may help to improve your skills and intuition to choose the best candidates.

The Uniqueness of the Candidates

The first impression is crucial in selecting the best candidates to fill the open position. Start by seeing something unique that you see from the candidate. It can be the authenticity of their application letter, courses they have taken, tasks they have finished, and many more. The point is finding something that makes this candidate different from other candidates.  

Focus on What the Candidate Needs 

You should understand what the candidate needs while screening, interviewing, and deciding to put them on the classified list or not. One tip to know what the candidate needs is by checking their experiences. Take time to talk to the candidate to ensure about who they are, the things they can do, and the types of job they are looking for. 

Create a Good Job Vacancy 

A good and attractive job vacancy will attract more potential candidates to join an interview at your recruiter company. This trick is effective enough to get candidates’ alternatives if the job seekers on the list don’t meet the classification of the company yet. It means you don’t need to renounce the job vacancy. It takes time and energy. 

Use an App 

Nowadays, picking the right candidates to fill an open position is a bit faster with a variety of applications or programs. The app will send questions and let the candidates answer them. Some apps even help to analyze the result, so a recruiter company can only conclude whether the candidates are suitable for a certain job position or not. 

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